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Off Page Seo-Tips

Social bookmarking

·         It means bookmarking your website on social platforms as they have a huge traffic of visitors.

Whats is social bookmarking website:

·         Social bookmarking sites are websites where users can share various web pages, blog posts, video, image, and articles

How to do social bookmarking?

·         Choose the appropriate category

·         Add appropriate and limited tag

·         Follow the social bookmarking websites guidelines

·         Property enter the description of your webpage

·         Don’t bookmark a single URL of the webpage again and again

Steps to do social bookmarking?

·         Check DA,PA and SS

·         Check whether they provide a do follow  backlink or not

·         Pick the url from the website you want to promote

·         Login or register on the website

·         Click on submit a link

Enter the required information.

Ø  Title,

Ø  description  of your site

Ø  Keyword,

Ø  tag,

Ø  all social media link.

Ø  Click submit

Ø  Copy the generated url and paste into an excel sheet.

Tools:check DA PA moz,

Ex(submit link,Add bookmark,+,URL,Add link)

Benefits of social bookmarking submission

Get more quality backlink

Increase traffic to the website

Increase da,pa,pr da pa dofollow social bookmarking sites?

Article submission

What is Article Submission?

·         Article submission means an off page seo technique in which you can write an article and publish it on an article submission website

·         It’s a part of content marketing

·         You should always keep in mind that articles should be submitted in the relevant categories of popular article submission websites

How to submit an Article in article submission sites?

Ø  Go to the website and find the login/registration page

Ø  Sign up

Ø  You can choose to log in via Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and etc

Ø  After sign in you can submit your article in your niche category.

Ø  Url: Free high da pa do follow article  submission sites


Key points to consider while writing Articles?

Ø  Articles should be original and information-rich

Ø  It should be keyword-rich. but don’t do keyword stuffing

Ø  The average length of your articles should be between 500 and 800 words

Ø  Make a unique title to your article with the main keyword

Ø  Use subheading ,bullets and numbering to your enriches your content

Benefits of Article submission ?

Ø  Helps you building quality back links for your website

Ø  Helps to improve your bran presence

Ø  Helps to increase website traffic

Ø  Increase DA pa and PR

Guest posting

What is Guest posting

Ø  It is an off page SEO technique

Ø  Post quality articles on websites that all offer guest posting on their website

Ø  Why should I post on other sites? Wants to get high traffic and quality do follow backlinks from their sites.

Ø  Once you post a quality article on guest posting sites on your category then they will provide quality do follow backlinks to your link juice flows from that to your website. Hence DA,PA,PR will increase website rank also increase.

Ø  In most cases, Guest posting results come on top

Steps to Do Guest posting?

Ø  Check DA,PA and SS

Ø  Choose your niche-based website for blog commenting

Ø  Check whether they provide a Do follow backline or not Moz bar  

Ø  Difference between guest posting and blog posting:

Ø  As you write your article on your website and put a link into it is called blog posting. By that you do not get a backlink

Ø  In the same way, you will post your article to other sites which are called guest posting, you can get a backlink

Ø  How to find guest posting sites:

To search on Google your niche-related guest posting websites, you should browse:

Ø  Niche-related keyword+intitle”write for us”

Ø  Niche-related keyword+intitle”contribute”

Ø  Niche-related keyword+intitle”guest blogging”

Ø  Niche-related keyword+intitle”submit guest post”

Ø  Read all the rules carefully and plan the content accordingly try to write user friendly and unique content

Ø  Embed some of the High quality pictures related to the post

Ø  Use subheadings like H1,H2 Bullets and numbers in your post

Ø  By the end of the article attach your bio data


Directory Submission

Directory submission keywords:

Ø Directory submission seo

Ø Directory submission

Ø Directory submission in seo tutorial

Ø Directory submission backlinks

Ø Directory submission sites for seo

What is directory submission?

Ø Directory submission is an off page optimization activity

Ø It involves submission of your site to a specific category of a web directory

Ø The main aim of this practice is building backlinksBenefits of Directory submission:

Ø Increase the no of referring domains to your website

Ø Increase the website ranking on SERP

Ø Increase DA,PA and PR

Ø Get more quality backlinks

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